Not sure where to start with Angel Essences? This kit is for you!

With 5 of our Top Selling Angel Essences, Mini Essence Cards, and a Quick Reference Guide,
you have everything you need to start to: 

Enhance Your Intuition ~ Release Old Energy Patterns and Blocks ~ Align with your Perfected Pattern of Health


What are Earth Angel Essences?

The Earth Angel Essences are subtle, yet powerful vibrational remedies that help return you to the Perfected Pattern, the Divine Blueprint, of who you are.

These unique blends of flower and gemstone essences, created by Rebecca Loach in partnership with the Angelic Realm,  act as Vitamins of Light for the electrical system of the body (through the acupuncture meridians and chakra centres), flooding your cells with light and energy and allowing them to return to their healed state.

When returned to this level of energetic balance, the body knows exactly what it needs to heal itself on all levels.

Flower Essences are:

✨ Safe for adults and children of all ages
✨ Excellent for pets and plants
✨ Complementary to other healing and self-care modalities


Working with Earth Angel Essences can empower you by:

✨ Enhancing your intuition so that you can make more clear and conscious decisions about your life.

Clearing and balancing your energy pathways for more energy, vitality, strength, and love in your life.

✨ Gently transforming old energies and limiting beliefs into positive energy potentials for the future.

✨ Achieving deeper levels of meditation, brining greater insights and peace into your daily life.

✨ Bringing you back to the Perfected Pattern of Health and aligning you with your Soul’s Purpose.

✨ And so much more!

Flower and gemstone essences do not heal anything – they flood your body with light and love, reminding it of it’s Perfected Pattern. From this place, the wise body knows exactly what it needs to heal itself.

* Note: These vibrational remedies are not intended to treat any disease or condition.


What’s Included in Your Kit:

Archangel Gabriel flower and gemstone essence – supports the 2nd Chakra. For creativity and communication.

Archangel Uriel flower and gemstone essence – supports the 3rd Chakra. For clear thinking and self-worth.

1 Archangel Raphael flower and gemstone essence – supports the 4th Chakra. For healing and relationships.

Archangel Michael flower and gemstone essence – supports the 5th Chakra. For truth, courage, and energy clearing.

Angelic Communication flower and gemstone essence – enhances your ability to connect with Higher Wisdom and Angels.

 5 Mini Essence Cards – each card has a beautiful sacred geometry image that captures the resonance of the essence it represents.

1 Quick Reference Guide with information about each essence and instructions for use.

And magic beyond measure…. 


What people are saying about Earth Angel Essences:

“I love the Earth Angel Essences… they are marvelous! There is a clear and focused resonance in each bottle.  Beautifully done Rebecca, you are truly an Earth Angel!” ~ Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Discoverer of the Universal Calibration Lattice and Originator of The Balancing Work

I haven’t ever encountered essences that are so high in vibration and I know that the love Rebecca puts into each one of them is a big part of that.” ~ Celeste Frenette, Soulful Business Coach

” I love your essences and use them daily for myself and my son.” ~ Asha Frost, Medicine Woman, Healer, Soul Seer

“One of my favourite acts of self-care is having a salt bath with essential oils, bubbles and adding a few drops of on of your essence for an extra dose of love & nurturing energy” ~ Kristin Harris, Soulful Nutritionist



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