Angelic Alchemy Essence Cards

Angelic Alchemy Essence Cards

This Divinely Inspired 33 Card Deck by Angelic Channel Rebecca Loach is infused with Angelic Blessings and healing activations to help you enhance your intuition, connect with the Angels, align with your Soul Purpose, and uncover more of who you are.

With vibrant colours and sacred symbols, each card carries a unique resonance representing the Archangel, Ascended Master, or chakra Attribute that it represents.

Angelic Intentions written on the back of each card will help align your energy field in patterns of clear support for all that you are creating. These Intentions can also provide insights into the energy patterns that need to be strengthened within you at this time.

Deck Includes:

  • 33 Beautifully designed cards carrying the resonance of the Angelic Realms
  • 2 Introductory Guidance Cards
  • 1 Custom Carry Bag

How To Use These Cards:

These cards are meant to deepen your intuition and expand your ability to receive messages from the Angels through feelings, thoughts, images, and words. You can use these cards as a tool for meditation and healing, or to give oracle card readings as you would with a traditional deck. The Guidance Cards included with the deck offer suggestions for how to use the cards.

The possibilities are endless! However you choose to work with your cards is just right.

The Angels are waiting to communicate with you… order your deck today!

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