Are you tired of doubting yourself, feeling afraid, and keeping yourself small?

Do you know that you have something great to offer the world, but are afraid of being judged by others or making mistakes along the way?


You can feel the call of your Soul, a stirring deep within just waiting to burst free. To write the book… to quit that job… to start that business… to take that trip. You feel called to live a greater life; to say “yes” to your dreams and follow your heart. But then the doubt creeps in and fear takes over…

What if it doesn’t work? What if I am not good at it? What if I make a huge mistake?

You wish that there was a way to feel more certain; to know that you are on the right path. A message. A sign. A feeling of being guided and supported along the way.

The truth is that you are infinitely supported in all ways. The Angels, Source and your Infinite Self surround you and send you messages and signs along the way.

Sometimes, you just might need help receiving the messages. That’s where I can help.

An Angelic Soul Reading can empower you by:

✨ Conveying loving messages from the Angels, Spirit and your Infinite Self to support and encourage you as you follow your heart, so you can live the life you are truly meant to.

✨ Providing insights from a higher perspective about the energies surrounding current life events, relationships, health, or career so that you can take inspired action to move forward fearlessly.

✨ Identifying any energetic blocks that may be preventing you from living the life you want and offer tools and strategies to overcome them, allowing you to attract more peace, freedom, joy, love and abundance into your life.

✨ Supporting you in releasing fears, insecurities, or indecision surrounding your life path, releasing you from “stuckness” and propelling you towards a life of peace-filled empowerment.

✨ Guiding you as you reconnect with your Inner Guidance System – your own connection with the Divine Energy. This connection will fuel you with confidence and clarity to take the steps necessary to achieve your dreams.

“I have found Rebecca Loach’s Angelic Soul Readings to be magical and very supportive. During each reading, the messages I received expressed exactly what I needed to hear, often bringing tears to my eyes. It was a relief to have my questions answered from a higher perspective, leaving me with a sense of peace, and the insights I needed in order to move forward. I highly recommend Rebecca’s readings.”

~ Janis McCallen, Singer and Intuitive Song Channeler


How it works:

Prior to your Angelic Soul Reading, I will prepare myself to receive messages from your Angels and Guides. During your reading, I will connect with your energy and the energy of your Infinite Self and the Celestial Realms. I will carry your specific questions and requests  to the Angels and be open to receive any guidance and insights they wish to share with you.

Each reading is completely individual and is guided by your Higher Wisdom and the energy of the Angels that surround you. Energy healing, clearing, and balancing is included in all of the readings. All of the messages are recorded in writing and will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of the reading.


What’s Included in Your Reading:

✨ 2-3 pages of channeled guidance and wisdom from the Angels and your Infinite Self via email.

✨ Healing Activations encoded into the words and messages from the Angels that will help you to open to higher levels of conscious awareness and wellbeing.

✨ Personalized recommendations for Earth Angel Essence flower and gemstone essences that would best support your energy at this time.

✨ Images of the Angelic Alchemy Essence Cards that correspond to your reading for further contemplation and meditation.

✨ Readings may also include: Angel Affirmations, crystal recommendations, or other Angel Insights.

You will be able to ask a few specific follow up questions to help clarify the messages that you received. Any new topics that arise from your emailed Reading will require a new session.

An Angelic Soul Reading is for you if:

✨ You believe in or are open to Angels, the egoless beings of pure love and light that act as messengers , or the “interface,” between our physical selves and higher Source energy.

✨ You desire to come into greater alignment with your Soul and Infinite Self to manifest profound peace, clarity, and love in your life and are looking for a little guidance and support to navigate your path forward.

✨ You are willing to look inwards for solutions to challenges in your life and take inspired action of your choosing to move ahead.


About Rebecca Loach – Understanding Channeled Guidance

As an Angel Therapy Practitioner and Energy Healer, I am here to help you learn to connect more with your Higher Wisdom, Soul, and Purpose. To do this, I channel the “Angelic Essence of Love and Light,” a collective of higher energy that flows in and through each one of us, and all of creation. This energy includes all the Angels,  Archangels, Ascended Masters (including Mother Mary, Jesus, Quan Yin, St. Germain) and elementals (Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns, and other elemental energies). The energy of Love and Light permeates everything. I receive and transmit healing frequencies through my guided meditations, Angelic Soul Readings, and flower and gemstone essences.

Each Angelic Soul Reading includes clear messages from the Angelic Realms for you and includes energetic encoding and activations that are transmitted as you read the words of your Reading. As I work with the Angels and your energy during the reading, clearing and balancing of your energy field is also accomplished.


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