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The Earth Angel Essences are unique combinations of flower and gemstone essences that were created in partnership with the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, and Elemental Realms to provide powerful transformations and alignments within your energy body that help you return to the Perfected Pattern – the Divine Blueprint – of who you are.

Each flower and gemstone essence carries the resonance of the particular Angel, Ascended Master, Elemental Being, or Attribute that it represents. Using a particular essence will awaken your own innate qualities and attributes that match the essence.

These vibrational remedies act on the energetic system of the body through the meridian pathways and chakra centres to bring balance and harmony to the energetic being. They flood the body with light and love, raising its vibration to one in tune with the energy of pure Source.

Working with Earth Angel Essences can empower you by:

? Enhancing your intuition so that you can make more clear and conscious decisions about your life.
? Clearing and balancing your energy pathways for more energy, vitality, strength, and love in your life.
? Gently transforming old energies and limiting beliefs into positive energy potentials for the future.
? Achieving deeper levels of meditation, bringing greater insights and peace into your daily life.
? Bringing you back to the Perfected Pattern of Health and aligning you with your Soul’s Purpose.
? And so much more!

Flower and gemstone essences do not heal anything – they flood your body with light and love, reminding it of its Perfected Pattern. From this place, the wise body knows exactly what it needs to heal itself.

Flower and gemstone essences are safe for adults, children, and even pets!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use Earth Angel Essences?

Flower and gemstone essences can be taken directly under the tongue (my favourite), in water, tea, and even coffee! You can put a few drops into a bath, or even place them on your body or in your beauty care products. It doesn’t matter HOW you take your essences, only that you do!

I recommend using 4-7 drops, taken 2 times daily, or whenever you feel like you need some additional support. You may choose to work with one individual essence, or many essences at one time. Trust your intuition and inner knowing.

Q: How do I know which Earth Angel Essence(s) to use or which one is best for me?

A: There are a number of ways to determine which essence would best support you. Here are some examples:

? Read the descriptions for each essence and determine which one sounds best to you.
? Ask the question of your Higher Self and listen / feel for an answer. Ask “What do I need today? What essence would best support me?”
? Use the Angelic Alchemy Essence Cards.
? Use muscle testing or applied kinesiology.
? Use a pendulum.
? Use your intuition in any way that feels right.
? Get an in-depth Angelic Soul Reading for specific and detailed use of essences for your current energy patterns.

Q: Can I use more than one Earth Angel Essence at a time?

A: Yes
! You can mix and match essences in whatever way feels right. Flower and gemstone essences are vibrational remedies and do not contain any chemistry that would cause negative interactions with each other. You can take all of your essences at once, or space them throughout the day. For example, taking a nurturing and calming essence at night (Examples: Mother Mary Essence, Quan Yin Essence, Archangel Raphael Essence) and one for clear thinking and focus during the day (Example: Archangel Uriel Essence). You might also have some essences you like to take whenever you need them (Example: Archangel Michael for courage).

Q: What is the difference between Essential Oils and Flower Essences?

A: People often confuse the two when talking about them, though they are completely different things. Essential oils are like the blood of the plant. They are extracted through a chemical process that results in a very concentrated product. Essential oils are used for their medicinal properties and scent. They act mainly on the physical body, though also effect the emotional and spiritual bodies. Because they have chemistry, sensitivities, drug interactions, and other side-effects are possible.

Flower essences, in contrast, are like the Spirit or Soul of the plant. They are created through an alchemical process involving the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water – plus the fifth element, quintessence (spirit). A sacred ceremony between the essence maker and the plant increases the energy and power of the essence. No plant material remains in the essence after the creation process. Flower essences are vibrational remedy that act mainly on the energetic body and the spiritual body. They remind us of the Divine Blueprint, or the Perfected Pattern of who we are. In this way, flower essences remind the body how to heal itself. There is no chemistry and no medicinal properties. Flower essences do not have a scent. Drug interactions, sensitivities, and other side-effects are not possible. Flower essences are safe for use with adults, children, pets, and plants. (Note: Because alcohol is used as a preservative, those with sensitivity to alcohol or addiction should not use them orally. See info about alcohol in the FAQ below).

Flower and gemstone essences are complementary to all healing modalities and combine well with essential oils. The Earth Angel Essences Sprays combine both flower essences and essential oils to provide a beautiful and multi-sense experience.

Q: What do they smell like?

A: Nothing! Well, perhaps like alcohol to be more precise. Flower and gemstone essence are NOT essential oils. They are created through an alchemical process that involves the five elements and a transferring of the energy and “spirit” or “soul” of the plant into the carrier water. The plant material is then discarded. The resulting essence is filtered and preserved with alcohol to prevent bacterial growth. Because there is no oil or plant material in the remedy, there is no smell.

Q: I am sensitive to smells and/or have allergies, can I still use these essences?

A: Yes! See answer above.

Q: What are the ingredients in your essences?

A: All of our essences are made in nature by Rebecca Loach or other reputable essence makers. The ingredients for each essence blend are listed on the bottle label and include water, alcohol, and an infusion of plant and crystal/gemstone essences. “Infusion” means that the plant or mineral was placed in water (where appropriate) for the alchemical process to transfer the plant / mineral energy to the water. The plant or mineral was then removed.  We use vodka as a preservative to maintain stability and prevent bacterial growth. We do not recommend using essences that do not contain alcohol due to the risk of contamination.

Q: Do you have any Essence Kits?

A: Yes! The Introduction to Angel Essence Kit is a great place to start if you are new to Angels and/or Flower Essences. It contains 5 of the most popular essences: Angelic Communication, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Uriel. This kit is great for helping you tune in to the energy of the Archangels and offers support for the whole family. You can learn more about the kit here

Q: Are essences safe for children? How do you use them for children?

A: Yes! Essences are wonderful for children as they provide gentle, loving support for all of the challenges and joys of childhood. For children age 2 and older, you can place 1-2 drops of essence directly in the mouth, if you choose. If you are concerned about the alcohol in the essences, you can choose to place the drops in a bit of warm water to evaporate the alcohol first. For children under 2, you can place 1-2 drops of essence on the head or soles of the feet (or anywhere else on the body).

Essences can also be added to drinking liquids, such as a water bottle to be sipped at school throughout the day. Adding essences to a bath is also a fun way to work with them.

Read this blog post for recommendations  about which essences work best for kids.

Q: Are essences safe for pets?

A: Yes! Essences are wonderful for pets like cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, etc.. As mentioned above, they do not contain any harmful chemicals or plant materials that would cause damage to the pets. You can add drops of essence to your pet’s water dish, or place a few drops on your hand and pet them to distribute it.

Q: Why do your essences contain alcohol? What if I want or need to avoid alcohol?

A: Alcohol is used in our essences to stabilize them and keep them free from bacterial growth. Alcohol is also an important part of the alchemical process, representing the fire element. We do not recommend the use of essence that have not been stabilized with alcohol (although some companies will use glycerin as a preservative and this is fine as long as they are kept refrigerated).

You can evaporate the alcohol in the essences by placing them in hot water for several minutes. Alternately, you may choose to use the essences topically or in a bath instead of taking them internally. Please note that the amount of alcohol in a few drops of essence is less than the amount that is naturally occurring in a ripe banana.

In cases of alcoholism or allergy to alcohol, we do not recommend using these essences internally. They may be placed on the body, or consider trying one of the aromatherapy sprays instead.

Q: Can you help me determine which essence is best for me?

A: Personal consultations are available with an Angelic Soul Reading. These readings include channeled messages from your Angels, healing activations, and personalized recommendations for Earth Angel Essences based on the energy pattern you are currently working with.

Rebecca occasionally offers personal essence recommendations in her Facebook Community – Angelic Alchemy with Rebecca Loach.

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Have questions that haven’t been answered here? Drop a line below and we will be sure to get an answer to you.