Energetic Foundations:
Energy Healing for Personal Mastery

Are you ready to activate the potentials within the very core of your being?

If you are ready to step up in a bigger way, to unlock more of the energy and potentials that lie dormant within you, and to activate the higher wisdom encoded in your very DNA… this program is for you.


During this series of beautiful energy healing alignments and activations you will:

Work with the energy of your Universal Calibration Lattice to strengthen, balance, and activate your entire energy body, allowing you to carry more light and become a greater presence in this world as you co-create your most enlightened life.

Activate Sacred Templates of Light within your Energy Field that will awaken your unique sacred potentials, gifts, and abilities. This will allow you to step into greater Mastery on whatever path you choose to walk in life.

Release the energetic charges of your history that are holding you back and amplify the energies of your future potentials, so that you can live free from old patterns and move forward in confidence and peace.

Experience deep cleansing of your entire energy field, including the smaller energy centres where things tend to get “stuck,” enhancing your ability to move freely throughout life.

Develop an appreciation of what it means to live “energetically aware” as conscious human being.

Together, we will channel more wisdom and grace in your life, allowing you to live freely in the fully empowered, Divine energy of who you are. 

“Rebecca has an amazing energy and a wonderful, articulate voice in the world. As a person with depth and experience living her truth, she has the capability to facilitate for others as they seek to express and live more of their truth…and she is an evolving human who knows there is always more.“I love Rebecca’s Earth Angel Essences…they are marvelous! There is a clear and focused resonance in each bottle. I especially like the Golden Light drops. Beautifully done Rebecca, you are truly an Earth Angel!”

~ Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Discoverer of the Universal Calibration Lattice and Originator of The Balancing Work 


Here’s what’s included in this program:

4 x 75 minute group Energy Healing Sessions to clear, strengthen, balance, and amplify your energy body and to empower your ability to co-create your most enlightened life.

Recorded replays of all Sessions so that you can repeat the Healing Activations whenever you choose.

Handouts for all Activations to assist you in anchoring the energetic calibrations that have occurred during each session.

1 x 30-45 minute group Q&A Session with me to support your healing journey.


You will also receive a set of 3 essential oil roller bottle blends to help anchor these energy patterns into your physical body and support your conscious evolution.


Here’s a look at the Healing Activations and Alignments you will experience:

EMF Balancing Technique Phase I:

Explore the balance of the head and the heart, the wisdom and the emotions. Learn to “think with your heart and feel with your mind.”
This session activates the sacred template that begins at your crown, extends to each shoulder, and converges at your heart center.

EMF Balancing Technique Phase II:

Amplify the energy dynamics of self-direction and self-support as we work with the energy of the spine and the back fibres of the Universal Calibration Lattice.

This session works with the energy charges of your history, so that you can see them as a gleaming column of wisdom and support.

We will also release any restrictions that are holding you back and are ready to be recalibrated into your field. We will activate the template that begins at your heart, extends to the hips, and converges at the knees.

EMF Balancing Technique Phase III:

Phase III Healing and Activation: Radiate your core energy with greater strength and presence as you clear and balance all of the smaller energy centres, including the hands, wrists, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.

You will also open up to new potentials as you stand in your power and presence as an evolving human on planet earth. There are two templates for this phase. The first template begins and the crown and extends to the Center Above. The second template begins at the knees and converges in the Center Below.

EMF Balancing Technique Phase IV:

Phase IV Healing and Activation: Experience the potentials of your Energetic Accomplishment as you plant seeds of energy for what you choose to create in the future.

This template surrounds the entire body from the Center Above to the Center Below.


“getic Foundations is a remarkable program that has transformed me at a core energetic level, balanced the energies of my head and heart, and enabled me to be more present in my body. It has helped me to dissolve a block that has been holding me back creatively, and has taught me to tune in to my own inner knowing for guidance. The intensive energy sessions, skillfully conducted by Rebecca Loach, have left me feeling lighter and freer, and ready to move forward.  I’m very glad I took this program and highly recommend it to those committed to changing their life at a deep, soul level.”

~ Janis McCallen, Singer and Intuitive Song Channeler


I have worked with the energy of the Universal Calibration Lattice for more than a decade and have seen the positive changes that it have made in my own life, as well as the lives of the hundreds of people who have received sessions.

It’s time for us all to step into our Mastery in an even greater way and to be the light-bringers in the world. Our time is now.

I invite you to join me for this evolutionary journey… 

Program Begins on January 10, 2018. Calls occur every Wednesday at 3:00 pm EST for 5 weeks.
Replays of each session will be available if you can’t join us live.


$788 (cost of 4 individual healing sessions)

Group package including a bonus Q&A session + Essential Oil Empowerment Set:

$333 CAD

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In the energy of Love and Mastery,