Golden Light Activation

FREE Healing Activation for Healers, Lightworkers, and Soulpreneurs

You feel the call in your soul and know you are here to shine a light and help serve and support others… but you fear you will not be good enough, strong enough, or know enough to make a difference.

You are ready to over come your fears and step into your full energetic potential. 

It’s time to shine… and this healing activation is for you. 


During this peaceful and empowering activation, you will:

lattice-symbol-fibers✨ Bring Golden Light into every cell of your body so that you have more clarity, vitality, and vibrancy as you go about your daily life.

✨ Awaken the conscious, living energy in your brain and endocrine system, bringing balance and harmony to your body’s energetic rhythms and cycles, so that you can feel more energized and aligned in your body.

✨ Clear and strengthen your chakras so that you can feel confident, strong, and empowered as you go out into the world during this hectic time of year.

✨ Call in more of your Divine Nature, giving you new insights for what you choose to create in the coming year.

✨ Experience new levels of healing and awareness as you recalibrate your energy field to hold greater electrical charge, opening you up for enlightened evolution.

Let’s gather together in this sacred space for healing and activation, bringing in more consciousness and vitality into your being as you energetically “charge your batteries” and prepare for a beautiful end to 2017 and a powerful start to 2018.


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About Rebecca Loach

Rebecca LoachRebecca Loach is a Holistic Nutritionist + Soulful Mystic. She is the creator of the Earth Angel Essences flower and gemstone essences and the Angelic Alchemy Essence Card Deck, tools that help you enhance your intuition, connect with your Angels, and align with your Soul Purpose.

Rebecca is an Accredited Practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique (Phases I-XIII) and a Practitioner and Teacher of the Refections Work. She has been working with the energy dynamics of the Universal Calibration for over a decade and has helped hundreds of clients learn to manage their personal energy and become conscious co-creators in their lives. She shares her knowledge with joy and love, inspiring you to connect more deeply to your own inner wisdom and truth to create the life of your dreams.

Golden Light Activation